The rubellite is a multifaceted transparent gemstone from the colourful family of tourmalines, and its colours range from light pink to violet and even, crimson red. It is a highly sought-after gemstone due to its rarity and unique beauty. Its name comes from the Latin word “rubellus” which stands for reddish. The most prized and expensive member of the tourmaline family because of its beauty and rarity, the rubellite is mainly found in Brazil, Madagascar, Mozambique, Nigeria, and Pakistan.

The tourmaline family to which rubellite belongs is a crystalline boron silicate mineral and is classified as a semi-precious stone found in a wide variety of colours.

Apart from the red or pinkish-red rubellite, other species of the tourmaline family include the Elbaite named after the island of Elba in Italy, the light blue Brazilian Indicolite, the green Verdelite, and the Schorl, among others.

Because of its deep hue, the rubellite is compared to the magnificent ruby. However, while the ruby is a precious stone, the rubellite is a rare gemstone. Whereas rubies have a higher density and a richer red undertone, rubellites are rarer, which makes the latter more expensive.