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Located in Dubai's prestigious DIFC area, Meraki represents the third generation of a family business rooted in a passion for gemstones. With an enviable collection of rare gems from around the world, Meraki has achieved excellence through years of experience and innovative concepts like Investment Jewellery, Auctions Bidding and Private Exhibitions. Reputable clients worldwide trust us for bespoke jewellery that reflects their unique style.

“Our customers trust us for quality, which is the only thing that lasts.”

Vijay Jain


The Beginning

Starting a business from scratch is no small feat, but for some, it is a necessary step toward realizing their dreams. Our journey at Meraki Gems began with our founding father, Shri Kamal Chand Jain. He embarked on this path with humble beginnings and an unwavering determination to support his family. Challenges were a constant companion, yet he never gave up on his commitment to his goals. Through honesty and transparent business practices, he gained the trust and respect of his clients.

As his reputation continued to grow, so did his determination. This relentless pursuit of excellence eventually led to the establishment of his own jewellery business. The journey was marked by trust, transparency, and a deep respect for tradition—values that would become the hallmark of his legacy. Today, these values live on through his family, who carry forward his name and his enduring principles.

The Evolution

Transitioning to take over an existing business is no less demanding. It entails navigating existing cultures, processes and systems, while injecting fresh ideas and innovations to drive growth and prosperity. This is precisely what Mr. Vijay Kumar Jain set out to do when he joined his father's business at a young age. He immersed himself in the world of gemstones, constantly seeking opportunities to expand his knowledge and expertise.

Fast forward to 2013 in Dubai, the land of opportunities. Mr. Ashish Vijay and Ms. Deepali Vijay Jain built upon the experience and dedication of their father to establish Meraki Gems. Soon after, they launched Meraki as their luxury retail brand. Carrying forward the legacy of their family, the siblings embarked on a new journey, one that honoured the past while embracing the future.

Vijay jain

The dynamic leadership of the current Meraki generation comprises: Ashish Vijay, our Chairman and mentor, who brings a wealth of experience. Deepali Vijay Jain, our Founding Chairwoman and serial Fempreneur, embodies innovation. Abhishek Vijay, our CEO and Chief Gemologist, leads with expertise. Together they drive our mission, preserving tradition while embracing the future, ensuring Meraki's continued success in the world of fine gems and jewellery.

The Present

Today, Meraki Gems stands as a premium jewellery boutique nestled in the heart of Dubai, specializing in rare and exquisite gems and jewels. Our collection boasts a dazzling array of Fancy Color Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds, Sapphires and Alexandrites, among other treasures. We place a paramount emphasis on delivering impeccable customer service, catering to the luxury needs of VIP clients, both commercially and privately. Our clientele includes heads of state, diplomats, and individuals of high net worth.

Meraki doesn't merely deal in finished jewellery products; we also offer raw materials and enchanting glass decorations and tableware. Our offerings include precious and semi-precious stones, stetted rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets, all of modern, traditional, and contemporary design.

Our global presence has been solidified through active participation in prestigious events and exhibitions in Switzerland, Hong Kong, Japan, and other countries.


Our Esteemed Clients

Our clientele includes prominent personalities, including Presidents, Prime Ministers, VIPs, and Foreign Embassy Staff and Diplomats from across the globe including Japan, Russia, China, America, Malaysia, Korea, and beyond. The superior quality of our artwork, unique collection of Gems & Jewels, and our unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service and satisfaction have driven our growth as we continue to cater to the luxury needs of our clients, both commercially and privately. At Meraki, our journey is a testament to our commitment to excellence, passion for jewellery, and unwavering dedication to our clients. We continue to explore new horizons, embracing the future while preserving the values and traditions that define our legacy.

Where We Are

Meraki is a prominent jewellery retail boutique in Dubai, located at the center of the city in Gate Avenue, DIFC.

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